Are You Having Rodent Problems?

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Rodents can be a big problem. They can severely damage your property and even cause health risks. Don't rely on outdated methods like mouse traps when there's so much at risk. Call on Portage Pest Control & MosquitoXit in Kent, OH for quality rodent control. We're a certified pest controller that's ready to protect your home and family from rodents.

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Get rid of rodents ASAP

Get rid of rodents ASAP

Rodents can cause a lot of issues. It's better to call a pest controller sooner rather than later. If you have rodent issues contact us immediately. Rodents can:

  • Eat through numerous materials, including drywall, fabrics and wiring
  • Carry diseases that could be harmful to humans and pets
  • Bring other pests, like fleas and lice, that could make life inconvenient
Before we start our pest control services, we identify whether you have rats or mice. This is an important step because it determines how we proceed. Contact us at 330-221-7138 to schedule professional rodent control services in Kent, OH.